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The Perfect GALentine's Day Gift

*This post is sponsored by on behalf of Build-A-Bear. #ad #GalPalGift #buildabear #celeBEARate

Over the years I've made friends with tons of gals either through blogging, work or social events. Some have gotten closer to me and been there for me through good and bad times. So when GALentine's Day comes around, I think of those particular friends and choose a little gift to celebrate our friendship. Personally, flowers or chocolates don't cut it for me. I tend to give something more sentimental or something they can use daily (but totally cute). At the end of the day, it's true when they say, it's the thought that counts. Growing up my dad always got me a Valentine's day present, it was always some type of stuffed animal. I held on to those animals FOREVER because he was amazing enough to think of me. I was super excited when Babbleboxx asked if I was interested in collaborating with Build a Bear to promote their Red Roses Bear for GALentine's Day.

The Red Roses Bear is only exclusively available online. The beautiful tulle-enhanced fur is designed to look just as beautiful as a rose. But don't worry it's still soft and cuddly like a teddy bear. When I pulled it out of the box, my daughter Zoe stole it almost immediately and cuddled with it on the sofa. I love this bear as a GALentine's gift and or a unique Valentine's Day gift because it's sentimental (they can keep it forever) and the cuddles will brighten their days. You can also go the distance by personalizing the bear with outfits, scents, sounds, and accessories to make an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift. P.S. My favorite accessory is the Red & White Hearts Sleeper.

I wouldn't leave you hanging without a discount. Use code ROSES $5 off your order of $25 or more on


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