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Part 2 Journey to Confidence with LightRx Face and Body MedSpa

This post is sponsored by LightRx Face & Body MedSpa


Welcome to part two of my journey to confidence with LightRx Face and Body MedSpa. I started this journey approximately three months ago. My goal was to shed some stubborn fat around my stomach area and LightRx MedSpa was going to help me get there. If you missed part one, click here to read more about the journey.

As a quick recap, my treatment plan is Treat2Complete, which is their method of combining two or more technologies to deliver dramatic results without surgery. They bundled Venus Bliss with Venus Legacy to melt fat and lose inches in my stomach area. The treatment consisted of 11 weekly treatments.

Before I reveal the results, I’d like to share my experience at LightRx with you. The staff that performed my treatment was passionate and pleasant. They did an amazing job explaining the treatments and how I would feel during the treatments. It was also easy to make appointments with them, and their system sent me email/text reminders which were helpful. The first few weeks of treatment I experienced some very minor discomfort.. For the Venus Bliss, you feel a cooling and heating sensation. I was able to let the technician know that I was feeling uncomfortable and was able to level down the machine. After the second treatment, there was no longer any discomfort and I was able to last through the 30 minute treatment. For the Venus Legacy, the treatment can get warm, so I was able to let the technician know if it was too warm to my liking. Similar to the Bliss, I did not feel uncomfortable after the second treatment. Overall, I had a pleasant three months of weekly treatments.

I’m quite happy with my results, especially how my measurements went down a few inches. I think that the treatment area is more toned and defined. I would highly recommend this non-invasive treatment if you’re looking to get rid of stubborn fat.

I visited the LightRx Face and Body MedSpa located in Mesa, Arizona. They also have over 20 locations throughout the nation! Visit their website to learn more about their variety of treatments and book a free consultation.



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