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Girls Road Trip with Toyota

At least once a year I make it a point to go on a trip with girlfriends. I think it’s good for the soul and is a chance to connect with them. Life has been so busy lately and time seems to always run out. This year I chose San Diego for our Girls Road Trip. The road trip is only 5.5 hours to San Diego but with a party of three we needed a comfortable and spacious car. I’ve partnered with Toyota to take the 2022 Highlander Hybrid (Bronze Edition) on a road trip.

2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Most Loved Features

  • Extreme cargo space - even though there were only three of us, the amount of luggage we had was ridiculous. The Highlander carried our luggage and then some (we did some shopping).

  • Apple CarPlay - being able to plug in my phone for navigation and music is a MUST on a long road trip

  • Charging capabilities - there is a wireless unit in the front and usb outlets in the back seats

  • Gas efficiency - we only had to fill up three times due to its MPG (36/35)

  • LED fog lights - this feature practically saved our lives. It was raining on our way to San Diego and the visibility was low

Below is a three day overview of our trip:

Day 1 Phoenix —> San Diego

  • We started early and got on the road around 9 am. The road from San Diego to Phoenix is mostly desert with a few small towns in between.

  • Our first stop was Yuma. We were starving so we ate at Mr. G’s Mexican restaurant. Known for their rolled tacos, I had to have them. They didn’t disappoint. They were a 10/10 for me.

  • We headed back to the road but this is when the weather went south. There was heavy rain, foggy highways and high winds. The 2022 Highlander Hybrid took the natural elements like a champ.

  • We arrived in San Diego around 5 pm. Made a quick decision to have dinner in Little Italy at Nolita Hall.

  • After dinner, we walked to Bobboi’s for gelato.

Day 2 San Diego

  • We headed to coffee at Better Buzzed Coffee - Fashion Valley

  • At 10 am, we headed to Lip Lab where we made our very own lipsticks.

  • For lunch, we headed across the street to Puesto. You have to try their guacamole with parmesan - it’s life changing!

  • After lunch we headed back to Fashion Valley for some retail therapy. It wouldn’t be a girl trip without SHOPPING!

  • For dinner we headed to Trattoria Positano, which is located in a cute little town called Cardiff-by-the-sea. Sit on the patio, you won’t regret it!

Day 3 San Diego —-> Phoenix

  • Time to pack up and go home! But first we had breakfast. We had a delicious breakfast at The Hen House which is a tapas style restaurant.

  • After breakfast, we hit the road back to Phoenix. We only stopped once for gas and a Starbucks snack.

We had the best time on this trip. The best part was the company. We laughed so much our sides hurt! Thank you to Toyota for sponsoring our ride and keeping us safe!



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