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Nutritious Snacks for Your Busy Toddler

**This post has been sponsored by Gerber®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I’m so thankful that Zoe is not a picky eater but lately, I’ve had trouble getting her to drink enough water. We've had Zoe using the pouch / packet snacks since she was 6 months old and now she loves to feed herself from them. This is why this NEW product by Gerber® is perfect. She’s been loving the Gerber® Organic Coconut Water Splashers in Mango Peach Carrot. It’s a perfect alternative to water on a hot summer day because it contains the refreshing hydration of coconut water with real, organic fruit and veggie purees and water. It’s made with real ingredients, and I love giving her nutritional and great tasting snacks. They are also super easy to pack along with you when you’re on the go.

Speaking of on the go - on our recent camping trip, I was able to pack some yummy snacks for her—including the new Gerber® Organic Popped Crisps, Green & Yellow Peas. These snacks are not only nutritious but easy to eat for toddlers. It’s a good way to sneak in those veggies and let your little one explore with textures. She munched on them all throughout the trip and kept saying “yum” with every bite.

You can purchase these Gerber® products at your local Albertsons in the baby food aisle. I love shopping there because the product is easy to find and it’s always a pleasant shopping experience.


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