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Summer Pick Me Ups with Babbleboxx

*This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx and all opinions are of my own.

Summer 2020 is certainly not what anyone expected. I encourage you to stay positive and focus on the saying, "this too will pass." In the meantime, I bet you could use a "pick me up." I'm teaming up with Babbleboxx to present a fun filled box full of goodies to boost up your summer.

Party in your hand

Whether your relaxing by the pool with chilled wine or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, the Stemless Wine Cup by Swig will keep your liquids cold for up to 9 hours and hot for up to 3 hours. Being able to sip hot coffee in the morning is a game changer. Mornings get so hectic in my house that I sometimes get too distracted and end up sipping on cold coffee (yuck).

The Swig Tumbler is my personal fave. It's slim shape makes it easy to take on the go. It keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. It's perfect for the hot Arizona summers! Both cups are dishwasher safe for the top rack only.

If you love these irresistible cute cups, head to this link and you can get 10% off.

Get a Healthy Glow

Tanning products from Vita Liberata will get you a customizable tan at home. You can choose anywhere from a sun kissed glow to a deep beach bronze. Used together, The Luxury Tanning Mitt and Fabulous Self Tanning Mist will help you achieve the tan you want.

Step 1: Shake the Fabulous Self Tanning Mist well before using.

Step 2: Pump the mist onto the Vita Liberata Luxury Tanning Mitt and then, apply to clean, dry, exfoliated skin working your way up using long, circular movements.

Step 3: Allow 8 hours for your tan to fully develop, then rinse off with warm water, avoiding any oily shower gels. To keep your tan looking its best, moisturize after bathing with a non-oily/non-perfumed body lotion.

I've also been using the Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer. I call this an "Instagram filter" in a bottle. It minimizes appearances of blemishes and conceals any imperfections. It gives you the appearance of glowy and smooth skin. These products are available for Buy One, Get One 50% off from 7/19-8/1 at Ulta.

Get Lost in a Book

Sometimes reality is too much for me and reading fiction allows me to escape. If you need a feel-good novel you can escape to, The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill is perfect for you. Without revealing too much about the plot, it's about friendships, secrets, love and happiness! It also makes the perfect gift for a friend, mother or daughter.

Get an Energy Rush

I love drinking ICE cold drinks in the summer! I've been making my own at home and adding the Energy Rush Stix from 4C. It gives you the same energy as a Red Bull but without the sugar or crash. It's low calorie and lightly carbonated. It comes in three delicious flavors: berry, orange and citrus. Just add water and mix!

DIY Summer Manicure

When my nails are manicured, I feel like a million bucks. The brighter they are, the cheerier my mood. I've been using the manicure system from Cindi Nails. The system comes with a healing base coat, natural lacquer, and protective top coat. Using this manicure system revives natural nails with added strength and flexibility. When I use this system, my manicure holds for up to 14 days without any chipping.

Use Melissa2020 to get a 20% discount at checkout on The offer is valid until Aug 31 2020.

What are your favorite summer pick me ups from this post? Thanks for visiting!





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