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Summer Patio Styling with Uniik Pillows

One of the biggest reasons I was sold on my house is the spacious patio area. Growing up, I didn't have a backyard and my dream was to always own a house with one. Now that my dream has come true, I have worked so hard to style it. I finished styling my patio last summer but this summer it really needed a fresh look. Today I will show you how I styled my patio with pillows from Uniik Pillows.

Uniik Pillows is a local Arizona company that designs and creates beautiful eclectic throw pillow covers. They also create pillow inserts in hard to find sizes and shapes. Adding a wonderful full service pillow shopping experience.

To update my patio set, I chose the Greenery with Pink Floral design. What I love about Uniik Pillows is that they offer the cover only or the cover and insert. I wanted to create a calm but fun environment and this design was perfect for the space.

I can't wait to have more friends over this summer! Thank you to Uniik Pillows for collaborating with me on this styling.



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