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Melissa Smiles More with Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush

This post was sponsored by DenMat.

A few years ago, my dental hygienist gave me the worst news ever. She said that my gums were in a bad state and that if I don’t increase my dental hygiene that it would lead to sore bleeding gums, painful chewing problems and even tooth loss. She recommended that I upgrade to an electric toothbrush, which I bought immediately after this appointment. When I returned to my six month check up, my dental hygienist was quite impressed with the improvement. I had a few issues back then which was not brushing long enough and not flossing enough. She also gave me an amazing tip to check if you have cleaned your teeth appropriately. She had me feel my teeth with my tongue after she cleaned them, and said “Remember how that feels”. If your teeth feel smooth, then you have cleaned them appropriately. Since then, I have never gone back to a manual toothbrush and I’m always upgrading my electric one. I’ve partnered with Oral ProCare™ today to talk about their Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush.

What sets Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush apart from the rest?

Rotadent brush heads access important areas that standard bristles might miss — below the gumline and between the teeth. Paired with a full 360-degree motion, Rotadent cleans and polishes teeth each time, feeling as if you just walked out of the dentist. The bristles are made of silk filaments vs. nylon bristles which are what most bristles are made from. This is perfect for focusing on the gums where periodontal disease comes from, and for people who are concerned about receding gums or suffer from sensitive teeth. There are multiple styles of heads which allow you to get deep into the in-between areas of the teeth and under bridges or implants. Due to the pointed head, this style brush is perfect for reducing the stain and buildup which accumulate in-between the teeth or build up at the gum line. The Rotadent ProCare electric toothbrush cleans away 92 percent of plaque in the first minute of brushing thanks to its microfilament bristles.

What does The Melissa Lifestyle think of the Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush?

The Rotadent toothbrush is definitely one of a kind. I have been using it for over a month now and I have never felt cleaner teeth. Due to my invisalign braces, my teeth are constantly shifting. I can feel little gaps in my teeth and I want to brush in between my teeth. The pointed head on this toothbrush has allowed me to do that. I do have to warn that the first time I used it, the brush tickled like crazy. You will get used to it over time! Also, it is recommended that you use a gel toothpaste because paste is difficult to get out of the bristles. You will not be able to brush your tongue because of the pointed head, so I recommend getting a tongue scraper.

Overall, I highly recommend the Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush. If you would like to learn more about the brush, visit this site I also have a discount code for 20% off, use code MELISSASMILESMORE at checkout. I hope you enjoyed your review!



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