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How Breathe Right Nasal Strips Can Help you Breathe During your Workout

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Nasal congestion is an annoying friend of mine. I suffer from allergies during the “fall/winter” season in Phoenix and wake up super congested. It’s also the nicest weather of the year so my morning runs can sometimes be affected by my congestion. If I can’t breathe easily during my run, I usually have to end it early or not go on it at all. I’ve tried so many options without much success!

Recently, I tried something new. Did you know that you could use Breathe Right® nasal strips instantly to help relieve congestion before you work out? Its primary function is to open your nostrils to allow for up to 31% more nasal airflow which has a host of benefits including reducing congestion to breathe better, allowing you to reap the benefits from those improvements. I am able to breathe easier because it helps open my nasal passage. The first time I used them before a workout, I instantly felt my nose lift up and felt relief from congestion. I’ve also tried it before my yoga sessions or virtual workout classes at home. Breathe Right nasal strips have made such a huge difference in my workouts by allowing me to breathe easier!

Breathe Right nasal strips are easy to apply. You simply thoroughly clean and dry your face. Next, remove the backing on the strip and press down firmly on your nostrils (and, there’s a diagram on the package to show you correct placement). The tabs should sit above the flaring part of your nostrils. Ta-da, you’re done!

You can find Breathe Right Nasal Strips at most retailers such as Walmart, CVS and Walgreens . I found mine at Target in the cough/cold section along with other nasal decongestant products. You can also find out more about Breathe Right at and coupons at .

The benefits of Breathe Right nasal strips have improved my life. I am now able to enjoy and complete my workouts. Let me know if you try them out!



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