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A Girl’s Day in Phoenix with the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

I recently invited a friend out for a girl’s day in Phoenix and we had so much fun. Toyota sent me the 2021 RAV4 Prime to test out for the week. Naturally, we wanted to test out all it’s amazing features during our girl’s day.

First stop on our agenda was shopping! We LOVE to shop and we are not the type to shop at one store. We drove the RAV4 Prime all around the valley without worrying about filling up. The Rav4 Prime is a hybrid vehicle and has an electric driving range of 42 miles. We were impressed with how smooth this SUV rides and how quick it is (0-60 in 5.7 seconds). The panoramic glass roof gave us a wide-open view of the pretty Phoenix sky. The rear cargo was large enough for storing all our shopping bags.

After a few hours of shopping, it was time for some dinner in Downtown Phoenix. We chose a restaurant called Bitter & Twisted. It’s housed in the former Arizona Prohibition Headquarters at the historic Luhrs Building. Bitter & Twisted is both a stylish eatery and hip drinking space, with innovative bar bites and a world-class, award-winning, and globally recognized cocktail program. Before we headed into the restaurant, we both had a party in the car “moment”. The Toyota Rav4 Prime has an amazing JBL audio system which uses 800 watts of total power to drive 11 speakers in nine locations, including front horn speakers and rear-mounted subwoofer. We were able to plug in our phone and choose our favorite song via Apple CarPlay. The music hyped us up for a fun night out!

Overall, our girl’s day was a success! The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a pretty sweet ride with a luxury feel. It made our day comfortable and fun.



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