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How to care for yourself as the pandemic continues featuring Green Supply

*This post is sponsored by Green Supply. All my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Whether COVID-19 cases are spiking, staying level or decreasing where you live, keeping you, your family and community safe is vital in helping spread the virus. I am excited to collaborate with online retailer, Green Supply, to talk about the products available on their site to keep you well and safe. Green Supply provides products such as face masks, cloth masks, thermometers and several products available for wholesale.

In my full time job, I work in a hospital environment. In fact, I work in a unit that are in close contact to COVID patients. I ensure that I am well protected and wear a K95 mask when I'm working. What I love about the K95 is the snug fit and it fits comfortably on your face. It has a 95% filtering effect, adjustable nose piece, and elastic ear loop. K95 are disposable and not meant for reuse. The design also makes it easy to breathe and talk. Green Supply sells them on their site for both smaller households or wholesale.

Before I head into work, I always make sure that I am well. I can quickly check my temperature with the Infrared Forehead Thermometer from Green Supply. Their No Touch Thermometer features 1 second measurement from 3-5cm distance, single button use, high accuracy, ability to record up to 16 measurements, Fahrenheit and Celsius options, and 15 second automatic shutdown. It will also be useful to check my daughter's temperature because she is going back to daycare in November.

Another useful device that keeps you and your family safe is the UVC Light Sanitizer Box. This UV-C light box kills 99% of bacteria effectively utilizing a 360 degree UVC light and ozone disinfection process. Featuring a large internal area that can be used for multiple items including phones, keys, watches, CPAP machines and toothbrushes, simply press the external button and in 5 minutes your items will be sterilized.

Stay safe and healthy!


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