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3 Self Care Rituals at Home

  1. Drink cold press juice daily

I’m not a fan of taking supplements in pill form. In fact, I only take a chewable multivitamin and call it a day. I believe that most nutrients and vitamins can be ingested through your daily diet. Recently, I’ve been drinking a100% organic, cold pressed juice by Garden of Flavor (available at Whole Foods). Their newest flavor, Aloe Collagen, provides a very low calorie Energy Elixir to hydrate and detoxify the body. This “beauty elixir” contains aloe, ginger, lemon, probiotic cultures and guayasa.

Along with some amazing ingredients, it contains a root that I had never heard of. The Astragalus Root has anti-ageing properties and reduces stress. I noticed how much my stress has reduced in the last month since I’ve been drinking Aloe Collagen. I am excited to try their other drinks such as Wheatgrass Pineapple or Pear Reishi.

2. Take your skin care routine seriously

Whether it’s a facial mask, relaxing bath, or body scrub, I try to incorporate some type of self care for my skin daily. It makes me feel amazing and the benefits are almost instant. I’ve linked some of my favorite skin care products below.

3. Exercise daily

Whether it’s a yoga stretch or a 30 minute cardio routine, exercise is part of my self care ritual. There are so many benefits to exercising including sleep improvement, stress reduction, weight control, and reducing your risk or heart disease. Since the closure of gyms due to Covid, I use online resources to work out. Check out this article for more info on the best workouts online.

It has been important for my health and well being to follow these rituals. I encourage you to take care of yourself and hope that my rituals have motivated you to start your own!


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