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3 At-Home Workouts I Love

During these quarantine pandemic times, I crave the gym and my barre studio workouts the most. But what's a girl to do?? Luckily and thankfully, there is a myriad of ways to workout at home digitally. Youtube is my go-to but there's a few subscriptions out there you probably don't know about.

My Fave Youtube

Love Sweat Fitness - Katie Dunlop lost a whopping 45 pounds in her weight loss journey. It inspired her to create Love Sweat Fitness. She's the queen of quick workouts. I love her 30 minute abs and Barre workouts.

My Fave App

Tone It Up - I've been following these bff's (Katrina and Karena) since they started on Youtube. They have taken their success and ran with it. They now have an app that has over 100 on-demand workouts. You can start a free trial or if you love it they have a monthly subscription as low as $8.33 a month. P.S. There are also recipes in the app.

My Fave Workout Subscription with On-Demand Workouts

ClassPass - Sorry if that title was confusing. I'll explain. ClassPass is a monthly membership to over 30,000 plus fitness studios and gyms around the world. It seriously is the BEST thing ever invented. When this pandemic crisis is over, I'm seriously going to use this APP like crazy. You can use the filter option to find the nearest, specific workout (i.e. yoga), time and much more. It also reminds you the night before that you have a scheduled workout with all the information of the class. However, in the meantime, I'm going to use the app for the amazing selection of on-demand workouts. You can use it both online and in the app. The selection is massive and includes kickboxing, barre, HIIT, strength, and yoga. If you'd like to trial the service, use this link here to get 2 weeks for free.




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