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Best Website for Busy Parents

**This post is sponsored by on behalf of Kids2.

My husband and I are full time working parents. We don’t have a lot of time to research the best products for Zoe and most of the time we wing it. For every stage of her life, I’ve spent countless hours comparing products. I’m excited to collaborate with Kids2 to introduce you to their unique website for parents.

Kids2 is a new website that provides a unique source for finding curated product solutions for parents of children up to age 2. They offer bundled, curated solutions of products called Go2Guides. I received the Go2Guide: Introducing Solids to review.

Go2Guides: Introducing Solids includes an Ingenuity SmartServe 4-in-1 High Chair, Rollin Rainstick Rattle and Simply Bright Starts Bunny Bites Teething Set. These are definitely must have products in your baby’s life.

Ingenuity SmartServe 4-in-1 High Chair was not only extremely easy to assemble, it was also easy to clean. A few features that sold me on this product was the swivel tray, upright storage, and dishwasher safe The swivel feature is pretty awesome because you can easily swivel the tray away to remove your baby in and out of the seat. The upright storage is a plus for simple storage. We were able to place it in the pantry when not in use and it didn’t take up much space. The dishwasher safe ability is awesome too because sometimes our little one can make a mess and it needs extra cleaning.

The Rollin Rainstick Rattle is a perfect grippable activity that baby can practice with. Zoe loved picking it up and throwing it over and over again. Practicing grip is important for your babies ability to start gripping solid foods.

The Simply Bright Starts Bunny Bites Teething Set is a great solution to teething. Zoe is currently getting her molars in so she loves these toys during this tough time. We love the adorable collection that contains two different textures, rubber and wood.

I hope you enjoyed this review and learned more about the Kids2 Go2Guides. I think it’s an excellent solution to today’s busy parent. If you’re interested in learning more about these guides, click here. I also have a discount code good for 30% OFF + free gift with purchase(shopping cart liner) + free shipping (wow can’t get any better, am I right?). Use the code MELISSA30 at checkout.


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