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How to Road Trip with a One Year Old

I was quite nervous to embark on this trip. It has been over 6 months since we’ve traveled with our baby. She is currently 14 months and we were doing it sans grandma this time (last trip she saved our sanity). We were nervous (mostly me) about a couple of things:

a] the length of the road trip - 5.5 hours sitting in a car with a one year old who can’t sit still for one minute - yikes

b] not enough space - we own two small economical cars with miniature trunks - toddlers have a lot of STUFF

This is why I was so happy to hear that Toyota was able to collaborate with me us on the this trip to review their Sequoia vehicle.

The Toyota Sequoia- The Details

The Toyota Sequoia is a full size SUV with a 5.7L V8 engine and multi-mode 4WD.

It has the following features:

  • Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) 38

  • LED low- and high-beam headlights with auto on/off feature

  • Seating for eight

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) 40

  • Front and rear parking assist sonar 28

  • Independent sliding and reclining second-row seat for all three occupants

  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) 31

  • Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) 38

  • Perforated leather-trimmed heated and ventilated front seats

  • Entune™ Premium JBL Synthesis® 34 audio with Integrated Navigation 37 and App Suite 36

  • Rear-seat Blu-ray Disc™ player with wireless headphones 29 and remote

  • Adaptive Variable Rear Suspension

How We Survived the Road Trip

Tip #1 - Preparation

I read tons of blogs and watched a million YouTube videos on how to keep a toddler occupied on road trips. I then bought all the necessities a week before the trip. I knew that I would have tons of leg room and space in the Sequoia so I bought bins I would keep at my feet. These bins held toys, food and diapers for Zoe. This was honestly the best thing ever because I didn't have to search around in a bag or try to reach in the back for something.

Tip #2 - Activities

Since we are not night people, we opted for leaving early in the morning. Our tactic was to stop every 2 hours or so and find a place where she could play (i.e. parks, McDonald's Play Place). This would hopefully get her tired and she could nap once we got back on the road. Hallelujah, this worked like a charm. I also bought her a few new toys that she could play with in the car. I read that it would keep her more interested if it’s a toy she’s never seen before. Lastly, we brought along an iPad with her favorite shows. What I love about the Sequoia is that it has charging plugs in the back seats so we were always charged up for the trip. It was definitely a featured we loved!

Tip #3 - Self-Care

Since we were in for a long day and ride, it was important to make sure we were comfortable, fed and hydrated. The Sequoia kept us comfortable in many ways. The leather seats were cozy and the seat warmer feature is amazing. I also loved that there were a few cup holders in the front and backseat to hold our waters. The center console was convenient to store our snacks and phones.

Overall, I highly recommend this car for a road trip and/or a family car. We are considering a few cars to buy and this one tops for most comfortable, family friendly and beautiful.


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