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Mommy and Me Fashion with Nine West

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Nine West.

When it comes to shoes, a killer boot is a MUST for the winter season. We only get to wear them for a small amount of time in sunny Phoenix, so I make the most out of it and style every outfit with boots.

Today I’ve collaborated with Babbleboxx and Nine West to share Mommy and Me fashion. Although my shoe collection consists of the basic boots such as black or brown, I sometimes like to spice it up and choose a boot that has more personality. I love how the Toprank Colorblock Boots by Nine West is both stylish and chic. Since I’m a mom on the go, it’s important to style them in two ways, casual and date night. I paired some of my fave black jeans with a comfy cardigan for the casual look. I let the boots shine by pairing it with solid colors. For date night, I like to spice things up by pairing it with an animal print dress. The Toprank Colorblock Boots go perfectly with this dress.

I’m not one to be matchy matchy with my daughter. I like her to shine on her own. And the same goes for me. I love to be independent with my fashion. I can’t wait for the day she chooses her own outfit because I loved doing it when I was a little kid. BUT, more often than not we end up wearing the same color scheme and it has been quite funny to realize it.

I honestly had no idea that Nine West made shoes for babies and when these cute little shoes arrived for Zoe, I literally died. I’ve been searching for a more fancy shoe for special occasions or events we go to and these Phoebeflor Glitter Flats are just darling. What I love about a silver glitter flat is that it matches with most clothing so it wasn’t hard to style the little one up. She absolutely loved running around in these shoes!

FOR BABY: Phoebeflor Flat



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