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Red Floral Mini Dress

Dress: Lizard Thicket // Shoes: Kelsi Dagger // Jewelry: Modern Mood Jewelry // Purse: Lizard Thicket (sold out, similar here) // Photography: Jacqueline Trevino


Post-baby I was really conscientious about wearing anything short. Would society frown upon a mother wearing a mini skirt/dress? These stories I make up in my head need to stop! I'm quite proud of my post-baby bod. It means I worked hard to nourish another human being, PERIOD. I also credit the hard work I did to get back into shape pre and post baby. If you guys want to know more on how I did that, leave a comment below. I remember grabbing this dress off the rack and thinking "It probably won't fit or half my ass would show." To my surprise, none of that happened and I am happy with how I look in it. I'm currently listening to the audiobook, "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero and I love her advice on how to quite the stories in your head and be happy with who you are. Have you guys read it yet? It's extremely motivating in a not so hippy dippy kind of way. Moral of this post is, "Stop listening to the stories you make up in your head and try that damn dress on."


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