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10 Things I Learned From My First Pregnancy

Being pregnant for the first time was a trip! I remember reading about tons of crazy symptoms but was skeptical of it happening to me. It was helpful to be aware of all that happens but it was important for me to not create unwarranted anxiety because of it. I hope that this article will help you navigate your pregnancy in a more enlightened way.

1. Morning Sickness is ALWAYS- maybe?

I kept reading that morning sickness can last the WHOLE pregnancy. Not the case for me (*thank god). I was extremely nauseous for most of my first trimester. And then BOOM like magic it went away the moment second trimester hit. Not only did I feel nauseous, I was dizzy, moody, sleepy and anxious. I couldn't eat anything other than cereal in the morning and certain smells of foods would be rancid to me. I learned the hard way that you have to just slow down, take a nap, listen to your body and get nutrition (even cereal) when you can.

2. Heartburn is a BITCH

I never EVER experienced heartburn in my life until I became pregnant. It honestly feels like FIRE is coming up your throat and there is no RELIEF whatsoever. So I began to have laser focus on what may have been causing or aggravating (spicy foods) it and quit those foods full stop. Then POOF gone!

3. You are NOT eating for two

People around me would joke and say "You're eating for two now, lucky you." This is a straight up misconception. You are NOT eating for two. Your developing baby does not need extra calories until the second trimester (about 340 more calories a day) and 450 in the third trimester. If you're doubling your calories (i.e. 1500 to 3000), you will most likely gain excessive weight and put you at risk for pregnancy complications. I kept a relatively health diet during my pregnancy and only gained about 15 pounds. It can be EXTREMELY tempting to give in to all the temptations and cave in to the cravings but STAY focused because it will benefit you and baby in the end.

4. Uncontrollable Bladder

I dreaded going through this but YES it did happen. I would PEE myself a little if I laughed too hard or if I sneezed. Most women told me that it still happens after giving birth but so far so good. No accidents here! I learned that you should DEFINITELY wear a light pad during pregnancy or you will be SORRY!

5. Charlie Horses -OMFG - Charlie Horses

I read that you get leg pain but the whole charlie horse thing took it to another level. I remember getting at least 4-5 gnarly ones. I once had one in the right leg and then another one right after in the leg. WTH? I was literally screaming in the middle of the night and seriously debilitated in pain. I researched to find out how I can avoid this and did not have any luck finding anything. I learned that you have to sleep on your side as much as you can.

6. Mom brain is a real thing

Oh man I would forget to do so much and it was frustrating. I would forget names, forget what I wanted to say, and overall durp most of the day. Not only does pregnancy take all your energy, it sucks all of your brain power! I don’t know if I learn anything from this, but all I know is that it exists.

7. Maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE

I had all these thoughts of looking cute and stylish during pregnancy. And then I quickly learned how expensive maternity clothes were. Wait, you want how much for a dress I’m literally going to wear for 3-4 months? I get it. They have to increase the price because supply and demand but good god. I would have to say though, the best company out there for maternity clothes is Ingrid and Isabel (dress I wore for my baby shower). I also like that they have a more affordable line at Target.

8. Geriatric is just a medical term

I was nervous about being over 35 for this pregnancy. The words HIGH RISK was plastered all over my medical chart. I didn't like it AT ALL. It kept making me feel like there would be something wrong with my baby. My anxiety drove hubby insane. BUT in the end my doctor never used those words or made me feel like I was at RISK. It made all the difference. I was healthy and so was my baby. END OF STORY!

9. Breastfeeding Class

My biggest regret is not taking one of these when I was pregnant. I assumed that it was EASY and that I would figure it out. NOT the case at all. We struggled at the hospital and that first week. I had to see a lactation consultant because I'm pretty sure I was DOING it all wrong.

10. Stop Worrying

It really is hard to give you this advice because we all know that HORMONES can do some crazy thangs. But relax girl, you GOT this! Eat healthy, see your doctor when you need to, take your prenatals and RELAX.

Again, I hope that this enlightens you a bit but remember that everyone has different experiences. I am happy to share mine and hope that you at least had some laughs or found some of it helpful. Take care Mommas!


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