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Safety 1st HD Wifi Baby Monitor - Our Review

** This post is sponsored by Safety 1st. All opinions are my own. Thanks to you guys for supporting the brands that make The Melissa Lifestyle possible!

Trying to figure out which baby monitor to get was not an easy task. My husband and I had to ask ourselves what was most important to us. Big monitor? WiFi capability? Portable monitor? Crisp video? Naturally you would think that they were pretty much all the same. Apparently not. We’ve actually gone through two monitors until we were approached to review the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor. If you’d like to see what we thought, read on. What is it? The Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor has a high definition 720p resolution camera that used less WiFi data and power than other WiFi cameras. It has a 130 degree super wide angle so you can get a full view of the nursery without having to pan or tilt the camera. It has night vision and two way talk so you can comfort your baby. Best and most important feature is the enchanted security chip. It sets up a separate firewall between the monitor and the home’s internet connection to ensure true privacy.

Our Review What we loved.... It’s easy to install. It took my husband and I less than 10 minuted to set it up. No joke! The app is also easy to find and didn’t take long to sync with the monitor. Super crisp video. Compared to the other two monitors we had, the video was the most crisp and clear we had ever seen. We also tried the night vision and hands down the best. Even when you zoom in (it zooms in 5x) the image is clear. We were totally impressed. We love the app! I like that you’re able to check in to the monitor from anywhere. Our dog barks when we open our garage door and it sometimes wakes the baby if she’s sleeping. This way I can check real quick if she’s asleep. If she is, I can send a quick text to hubby to corral the dog so she doesn’t bark. It honestly is life changing. You control the of motion and noise alerts sent to your phone. This one was important to us. Our nursery is right next to the air con vent so every-time the air con turned on it would shake the camera and alert us. We were able to adjust that via the app and now the app only alerts us when there is a greater range of motion.

What we didn’t like .... The app uses up your battery. Unfortunately since it’s app based, it can use up your battery quite quickly. To save your phone battery, you can toggle between turning the notifications on and off but it can be cumbersome. No separate monitor. Dead phone? No monitor for you. Lag time. It takes about 7 seconds to log on to the app. That’s if you have a good connection. It sometimes would lag and it was buffering for awhile. Not cool!

The blue light... The camera has a small blue indicator light on the front. My baby sleeps better when it's pitch black and unfortunately this blue light is too bright for her. We had to wing it by taping the blue light over with electrical tape. It's not aesthetically pleasing but it worked for us.

Final thoughts The Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor is a winner in our books. Especially since we tried so many! Overall, the features such as the WiFi, HD quality video, secure chip and control of motion sensitivities were all favorable qualities of this baby monitor. I would highly recommended this camera to fellow parents.

Where to Buy, Amazon, $199


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