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How to Be Super Efficient while Pumping

I'm the type of mom that can't let a minute go by without being productive. I will find a solution to anything that slows me down. When it comes to pumping, I bought a hands free pumping bra that didn't quite work out for me. It was tight, uncomfortable and unproductive. Yes you could pump hands free but wearing it all day was truly uncomfortable. Now it just collects dust in my closet. When I was contacted by Pumpndo, I was excited to test drive their product and share what I thought with you all.

The Pumpndo is a hands-free pumping accessory. All you need is the nursing bra and pump you already own. It clips directly to your nursing bra or tank. Need to take a conference call but also want to drink your morning coffee? Pumpndo let's you do it all. The material is a soft felt material so it doesn't feel scratchy on your breasts. The accessory comes in 3 sizes so make sure you use their chart before you order. They also have an adapter for those of you that don't wear nursing bras. It's also easy to wash. You can wash it on a gentle cycle and lay it flat to dry.

The Pumpndo has been a life changer. I pack it in my pump bag and take it with me to work. I'm able to efficiently work on my laptop and pump at the same time. I love also using at home while working on my blog or cooking a meal in the kitchen. I would highly recommend this life changing accessory to my fellow breast pumping mommas out there.

Where to Buy: Pumpndo, $24.99

*This post is sponsored by Pumpndo.


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