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How to get curls that lasts for days

Saving time in the morning is key in my current lifestyle. Now that I'm back to full time work I have a few tasks in the morning that NEED to get done before I leave. I currently wake up at 5 am daily and try to get myself showered, fed and caffeinated by 6 am. All the while, I'm hoping baby Zoe doesn't wake up as it would cut that time even shorter. I would do anything to save time in the morning if my life depended on it. When Tyme reached out to me and asked if I would try their product, Tyme Iron Pro, I couldn't say no. They promised an iron that would give me curls for days and would only take 5-10 minutes to make. SOLD!

At first glance, the Tyme Iron Pro, is quite intimidating. I kept thinking, how in the world does this work. The Tyme Iron Pro is amazing and can create different types of curls and even doubles as a straightener. The company assured me that support was available either by video or a scheduled meeting with one of their professional stylists. I'm a visual person and HAVE to ask lots of questions so I opted to make an appointment with one of their stylists. It was pretty easy to schedule and they had several consultants and time slots to choose from.

The stylist session lasted about 30 minutes and was done via FaceTime. My stylist went slow with instructions and she was very patient with me. I was able to get the curl I wanted by the fourth try. SUCCESS! After this session, I felt empowered and more confident with the iron. I can't wait to try different type of curls and experiment with the iron. I traveled with the Tyme Iron this past weekend and it barely took up any suitcase space. It's the perfect size and comes with a sleek case. And did I mention that it heats up in 55 seconds! If you're forgetful like me and forget to turn things off, don't worry, it has automatic shut off. Genius!

Where to buy: Tyme, $190


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