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Baby Bundles from the The Children's Place

** This post is sponsored by on behalf of The Children’s Place


One of the first lessons I've learned from being a new mom is to always PLAN AHEAD. What does that mean exactly? I learned that you always have to make sure you have extra outfits in your diaper bag, always plan to for spit ups right before you leave the house (always happens), and have more than one of everything on hand. The new Children's Place Baby Bundles makes all of this planning easy and affordable. They created baby styles bundled in affordable, easy to gift (or get!) outfit sets & coordinating multi-packs.

Zoe is the SPIT UP queen. Especially right before we leave anywhere. It never fails. Her onesie is always soaked with spit up. The Children's Place bundles has come to the rescue when it comes to this messy issue. She now has all coordinating sets including short sleeve bodysuits, pants, socks, hats and bibs. She looks super adorable in their Rainbow Stripe Bundle with all the bright fun colors. The bundle packs makes it easy for me to pack any coordinating outfits to change her on the go.

The short sleeve bodysuits come in a 5-pack and is made of 100% rib-knit cotton. It's perfect for the upcoming warmer weather here in Phoenix. The yellow eyelash print is my favorite on her. The pants come in a 4-pack and is made of 100% rib-knit cotton. The elasticized waistband makes it easy to dress her when I'm in a rush. The socks come in a 6-pack and is made of 60% polyester/35% cotton/5% spandex. Thank god it comes in a 6-pack because this girl loses her socks on the daily. My favorite bundle are the hats. They are made of 100% interlock and knotted at the top. The bandana bib's are my other favorites. Mainly because bibs are ESSENTIAL for Zoe the Spit Up Queen. They are made of 100% interlock and have a snap closure at back.

She gets super chilly in the morning so we also have the coordinating swaddle blankets. They are super soft and thick. Perfect and cozy!

She is SO in love with her security blanket! We take it everywhere we go.

The bundles come in sizes newborn to 6-9 months. You can buy them online here or in-store.

They are perfect for your little ones or for a gift!


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