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How to be Productive with a Newborn

If you’re a new mom, being productive is a struggle when all you have with a newborn is little pockets of time. Did you know that the average time a mom gets to herself during the day is 1 hour and 7 minutes? Hardly enough if you ask me! Thankfully the first two weeks my husband helped me with baby Z and I was able to take more breaks than normal. But then reality hit and he went back to work. My free time was extremely limited and let's just say showers were even impossible. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mumbelli. A company that makes a womb-like bed for babies. I've been using the product for a few weeks now and it has changed my world and baby Z’s world in a whole lot of ways. About the company The Mumbelli was "designed by a new mother who instinctively felt her newborn’s unease and insecurity upon entering the big, bold world." The design mimics a womb to provide comfort and support no ordinary crib would provide. The bed features include a wedge insert, which helps prevent acid reflux and a foot insert, to provide a snug sensation. You can also take the Mumbelli anywhere with you because it comes with an on-the-go carry bag.

How it's Increased Productivity

The Design

I love the Mumbelli because Baby Z fits so snug and naps longer. I’m also able to have her by my side on the sofa while I get some much needed work done on my computer. The bed is lightweight so I can travel with it around the house with ease. I also love the acid reflux pillow. There was a whole week where baby Z was spitting up a lot and the pillow has lessened that issue . The Mumbelli also has a handy pouch for pacifiers, wipes and I keep the TV remote in there. The Mumbelli can also come with me into the kitchen. The bottom has a no-slip grip so I can place it on the kitchen table while I get dinner ready.


I have also been able to travel with the Mumbelli. It comes with a convenient travel bag. I take it to grandmas house so that Baby Z can get some comfy naps at her house. In a few weeks, I will be going back to work and leaving her at daycare. I love that the Mumbelli will be going along with her.

Overall, the Mumbelli has been a godsend and has increased my productivity (and shower time) while baby naps. I highly recommend this product if you work from home and or overall, if you want to get any work done around the house.

Where to Buy: Mumbelli, $129 (comes in 4 colors)


**Thank you to Mumbelli for sponsoring this post.


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