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A Timeless Holiday Gift - Jord Watches

Unique presents are hard to come by when we are tempted to buy something fast and easy via Amazon Prime. We think that the latest gadget, IPhone or toy will make our loved ones happy. But what happened to sentimental gifts or unique hand crafted gifts? Those are better to receive, am I right? We want to receive gifts that say “I care for you and I gave this gift some thought". The type of gift I'm talking about is a watch. A watch has been my go-to for Christmas presents over many years. It's my favorite type of gift to give to my parents and significant other. It's a gift that will last them for years. If you're looking for a unique and timeless gift, Jord Wood Watches is the perfect place to find one.

Jord Wood Watches creates timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. The company values sustainability, efficiency and experiential living. Each timepiece is hand crafted with natural woods such as acacia, bamboo, ebony and any more. They also offer engraving which can give your gift a more personal touch.

If you're looking for a classy and modern style, the Frankie Series is the perfect collection. I chose the Ebony & Gold watch because it compliments quite a few outfits I own. I also love the simple face. If you like the more intricate and detailed watch faces, the Meridian Series is for you. These two styles are my personal favorites. To see more styles, visit their website.

For the men in your life, there is a variety of designs that your bound to find a unique watch for those on your holiday list. My personal favorite is the Hyde Series. It has a minimalist watch face design and makes a perfect everyday watch. To see more amazing designs, visit their website.

If you're in the market for a unique holiday gift, Jord Watches are the perfect fit! I have a special instant code for you to use. Simply visit this website to get an instant code for 25% off (expires on 12/19/17). Happy Holiday Shopping!


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