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Dressing For A Run: The Dos and Don’ts


A few years ago I ran my first 5k and I haven't looked back ever since. Running is a great workout and past time. I love the adrenalin you get after a great run, especially during the amazing outdoor season in Phoenix. Over the years, I've learned some great tips on how to dress for a run and I'd like to share them with you.

Do spend money on a decent pair of running shoes

I have a flat feet so it's important for me to pay attention to the right shoes to wear for running. Running in general can be damaging to your joints and feet, especially if you wear the wrong shoes. To prevent this, do your research and find out what type of feet you have. You can go to your nearest specialty store and get fitted. In the long run, you will be happy that you spent the extra money and you will avoid future issues. TIP: Get fitted but shop around. I like to compare prices on Amazon before I buy at specialty stores.

Do wear a sports bra

Sports bras are a MUST. Running causes a lot of bouncing around and in all honesty can feel uncomfortable. Visit your nearest sportswear store and try on several. Make sure it's snug and doesn't have too much stretch. You want those babies snug since it will most likely loose their elasticity after a certain number of washes.

Don’t wear cotton socks

This is a big one. I was not wearing the right socks for my first few runs and BLISTER central, OUCH! Switch from cotton to a synthetic material like Merino, CoolMax or Dri-Fit. They are great at soaking up the sweat and keep your feet from chafing. Also wards off STINKY feet!

Don’t think you can’t dress fashionably

If you've read my blog all these years, you know that fashionable workout clothes is my jam. You don't need to put on a big t-shirt and sweats to workout. So many brands make comfortable, fashionable and functional workout wear these days and there's no need to look frumpy. You will feel confident and your runs will be more effective.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Happy Running!


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