How to Unwind from a Long Day

May 11, 2018


Relaxation is a top priority at the Moore household.  When Zoe goes to bed, I pretty much run to the bath and turn on the water.  I add Lavender Epsom salt and light some candles.  My go-to candles right now are from Alani & Renee.  They are not only beautifully designed but super aromatic.  They are hand poured, coconut & soy wax and use a lead free cotton wick.  I am currently burning The Weekend (Brown Sugar + Lemongrass) and Sweet Espresso  (Hazelnut & Caramel Macchiato).  



If I’m not completely exhausted from the day, this is the best way for me to unwind from a long day.  Today I'll be sharing my top 3 tips on how to unwind from a long day.  Some may be trivial but NECESSARY.


Tip #1


Unplug--- You’ve been probably staring at a screen for the last 8 hours.  Get that phone out of your face and do a relaxing activity.


Tip #2


Chat – Sometimes you spend the day not being able to share your inside thoughts (you know what I mean) and your partner is the perfect person to share this with.  But remember that they will probably need to unwind too so listen to them as well.  Be a good listener!


Tip #3


Run a bath -  Your muscles are aching from sitting all day or you just had a pretty intense workout.  The bath will do wonders on your muscles and get you super relaxed before bed time.  Add candles such as the Weekend from Alani & Renee.


I hope these tips will help you unwind from a long day!  Let me know your best tip to unwind in the comments. 


*Products care of Alani & Renee.  


Where to Buy: Alani & Renee

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