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PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Device After Post - Did it work?

Before Photo

Before Photo

First Week Experience

The company gives you a practice run by supplying a dummy part and precise instructions. I thought I had it in the bag after the practice run but there are a few tweaks to perfect the use of this device. You have to pass the device on your face but make sure you hold your skin taught. Otherwise, it doesn't get every part of your skin. WORD OF CAUTION: Your skin does turn red after use of the device. It goes away after 5-10 minutes. I then cleaned the device head and continued on with my moisturizing routine. The next day I noticed that my skin was a lot more supple, soft and hydrated.

Second Week Experience

By this week, I thought that maybe I had better luck with passing the device on my face. I found that the forehead and nose were the most difficult to pass over. Since most of the skin is taught around those areas but also is not a flat surface, the device would not glide over the skin as well. I found this to be a flaw of this device and felt it would compromise results. My most noticeable wrinkles are on my forehead so I really wanted this to work particularly in this area. I carried on with my routine and hoped by next week I would get the hang of it. Again, the next morning I noticed that my skin was hydrated and soft.

Third Week Experience

By this week, I experimented with going slower over the forehead area and turning the device to glide more easily over the surface. This technique seemed to work a little better. It definitely is a device that is easy to use but takes practice. Other than my skin feeling soft, hydrated and supple, I didn't see any changes in wrinkles or fine lines. However, the website does mention that I would see results within 8-12 weekly sessions.

Fourth Week Experience

I started to now use the device with ease and honestly it only takes less than five minutes to use. Introducing this to my weekly regimen has not been bad or a waste of time. I'm noticing weekly that my moisturizer and serums are soaking in much better and my skin is less dull. I tend to get dry skin patches during this time of year but after using this device my skin is well hydrated after I moisturize and continues throughout the day.


I'm highly impressed with the PMD Personal Microderm Device and I will continue to use it. I'm curious to see if some of the forehead lines disappear or fade away. I think that the $159 price tag is not that bad (psst there's a discount- see below). Especially since the cost of Microderm facials at the spa can equal that amount each visit. I find that this is perfect for the busy mom or working mom who has difficulty finding time to step away and visit the spa.

If you're interested in trying the device for yourself, use the code PRIMP20 to receive 20% off. Visit the PMD site to learn more.

** This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

After Photo

After Photo


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