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September 29, 2017



If you looked at my arsenal of skincare you would see that I have a mix of low end and high end products.  I believe that a lower priced product can do just as well as a high end luxury brand.  In this case, Colleen Rothschild can't be duplicated.  It's won awards and I've got the review to prove it!  

Radiant Cleansing Balm


When I first read about this product I was quite skeptical.  Over the years, I've only come across a few makeup remover cleansers that truly "remove" makeup.  And I mean without a trace!  This one is a WINNER!  


Key Ingredients:


Moringa Oil   -   restores luminosity
Lipexel™   -   combats dehydration
Black Seed Oil   -   antioxidant protection
Aromatic Complex   -   calms & decongests


How it works:  


Scoop about half a teaspoon onto your fingers and rub in your palms until it becomes an oil.  Massage it into dry skin.  Wet the muslin cloth with hot water and wring it damp.  Then place it over your face to breathe in the aromatherapy (it's made with an aromatic complex of warm cloves and rosemary plus luxurious oils such as Marula, Moringa, Loofah Seed and Black Seed).  Then proceed to clean your face with the cloth.  The cloth helps to remove the balm and oily residue.  My skin felt makeup free and soft after using the product.  Other than the scent of cloves, I am overall impressed with this cleansing balm and I can see why it was won awards. 




Ultimate Lip Balm


The part of my face that gets neglected on the daily are my lips.  And they are depressingly dry, sometimes cracked!  I've been looking high and low for a lip balm that "actually" works and can repair my dry lips.  The holy grail of LIP BALMS has been found!  The first night I tried the balm I became a believer.  My lips were super hydrated and the product was still on my lips.  Other brands either dissipate and I'm disappointed by the zero results in the morning.  Other than the scent (smells like honeycomb - not a fan), this product gets an A+ in my book!  


The Ultimate Lip Balm has a fey key ingredients that make it one of a kind such as:


Maxi-Lip™   -   helps reduce fine lines
Hyaluronic Acid   -   skin plumping
AesthiNet™   -   intense hydration
Mango Butter   -   softens & nourishes


How it works:  


Apply to lips twice daily to protect against environmental damage, improve hydration and dramatically minimize the appearance of lip lines.

With continued daily use, Ultimate Lip Balm will reduce flaky, dry skin while promoting smoother, fuller lips.



Intense Hydrating Mask


You're probably thinking by now, "Melissa is there a product you don't like from Colleen Rothschild?"  Sorry loves, I haven't! And this mask is truly legit!  I think I live in the most arid climate and this is a much needed mask.  You can keep it on overnight to get maximum results.  My skin was super supple and hydrated the next morning.  Totally legit!



BMX Complex™   -   maximizes hydration
Hyaluronic Acid   -   skin plumping
Pheohydrane®   -   protects the lipid barrier
Matrixyl® synthe'6®   -   reduces appearance of wrinkles


How it works:


Apply a generous even layer two to three times a week on cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes, tissue off excess or leave on throughout the night for extra hydration.



Face Oil N°9


I have been using face oils for about a year now and I'm convinced it is MAGICAL.  My best friends mom would slather this stuff on her face and I never understood why.  It is seriously a magic serum.  This one from Colleen Rothschild has a soft luxurious texture when you apply it to your skin.  I use it in my night time routine after cleansing and wake up the next day with refreshed, soft skin.  



Black Seed Oil   -   antioxidant protection
Moringa Oil   -   restores luminosity
Marula Oil   -   balances complexion
Omega 3, 6 &9   -   intense moisturization


How it works:


After cleansing, gently massage 3-4 drops onto face, neck and décolleté. Ideal for evening use when skin is most receptive to renewal.





As the title of this article states, Colleen Rothshchild skincare truly rocks my world.  It's made with some of the best ingredients and doesn't disappoint the consumer.  I will definitely be stocking up on more of their excellent products.  So can you with the code CRSKin20 (Valid on all regular-priced items).  The coupon is for 20% off and expires next Friday 10/6.  If you're interested in reading more reviews visit:


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This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.










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